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  • Just Deserts

    My wife was looking for a unique way to self serve deserts at her nephew's wedding next week. She saw some things on Amazon, ordered a few things, and nothing was as expected. So, I went about creating "Serving you your Just Deserts"! She picked out some 12" square marble floor tiles from Home Depot. They were trimmed down with a diamond wheel wet saw. The one piece saved from Amazon, the lazy susan bearing, was epoxied to the underside of the bottom marble tile. 1/2" diameter brass rod was cut to length and "Faced Off" in my lathe to give perfectly flat, square ends. They were easily taped in the lathe for the connector studs. My "Round Tuit" easily made a decorative accent for the finial in top. You can see this accent piece just under the crystal lamp shade holder from Lowes. Picture this full of Brownies, Cookies and Cup Cakes! A fun project! Jim K2BHM

  • The move from analog to the digital cloud

    Paul, AC2UQ sent me an interesting article about the translation from broadcast engineering to everything now being digital, on the cloud, and requiring the services of a network engineer It got me reminiscing about my experiences in the medical Diagnostic Imaging field. Enjoy, Jim K2BHM

  • The Animal, 7 gallons of fuel for 300 feet!

    I was looking around You Tube today and found a bit of my past. "The Animal"! A neighbor of mine in Cohoes had a pulling tractor known as The Animal. I was part of his pit crew back in the 90's. We went to numerous tractor pulls at the county fairs. The Animal has twin Allison aircraft engines designed in 1939. The model V-1710 is a 1710 cubic inch V-12 supercharged engine. The stock engine produced 1250 HP. With tweaks and alcohol racing fuel, that number is pushed up to about 2500. The sled that they pull, has a weight box that slides forward as it is pulled, transferring weight from the sled wheels to the front skid plate. So, it starts off relatively easy, then gets harder as you progress. Tractors of this class typically have about 45000 lbs. loaded for the pull. Bill sold The Animal back about 99. I found this video of a pull from 2018 in Cobleskill. You'll see The Animal about 12 min. into the video. The tractor originally had 3 engines. It was difficult to keep 3 1939 engines running at peak, in addition to tractor pull regulations putting it in an unlimited class. So, the previous owner dropped it back to 2 engines. 5000 HP still moves things nicely! The answer is: The Animal. The question: What takes 7 gallons of fuel to move 45000 pounds 300 feet? And for those that think "Bigger is always Better!", there is the tractor pulls in Bernay, France The Animal, 2008, Cobleskill NY Fair Tractor Pulls. L to R, My buddy Dan, My buddy Bill, the previous owner, the two new owners, and The Animla. Enjoy Jim K2BHM

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  • Victorian Dollhouse

    This Victorian doll house took my wife 2 years to make. She wanted to make a doll house for my granddaughter, (attached), and she asked my daughter what kind of doll house she should make, my daughter being a wise A$$ like her father, said "Make her a Victorian doll house, Barbie scale", my wife said, "Challenge accepted". The top picture was taken at the wood workers show in Saratoga Springs, pre pandemic.

  • Bird's of New Paltz

    A bard owl in my back yard, just one of a mating pair & a juvenile in my back yard. Also a couple of bald eagles of 5 spotted by my wife on Libertyville Rd just off of Route 299 after the flooding, heading toward the fairgrounds.

  • FM 146 520 monitoring

    As the the title suggests , are anyone monitoring 146.520? my brother kc2bnx and I usually go up on the hilltops and call out on 2m amongst other bands. Also thanks paul for doing the net and all the relay stations. I usually bring my kx2 and my vx7r and will be doing 6m fm /am as well if anyone is interesting in testing out their rigs. I have some Videos on my gear here if youre interesting in seeing some of what I use. de- kc2bnw

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