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So, What did they use before Air Horns???

Guy's friend Bob had a problem. A stripped thread. Helicoil to the rescue! They make stainless steel springs out of diamond shaped wire. Screw in a special oversized tap to enlarge the hole. Then screw in the spring. You now have a perfectly sized thread out of stainless steel!!! Cool! So, now, where to get a 9/16-24 helicoil and tap. Oops... they don't make that size. Now what???

Here is the problem child. A black powder signal cannon. Used on ships to send signals to port on arrival.

Here is the breech. The knob is the firing pin. The hole is where the trigger release screwed in. The stripped thread was put in the milling machine and retaped to a standard 5/8-18 thread.

I picked up a spring at P&T, and fabricated a new trigger mechanism to fit the spring and breech.

It fits perfectly, but does it work???

Let's load up and find out! The 3 brass cylinders are mock 2 gauge shotgun shells. Put a primer in the back pocket, a coffee cup scoop of black powder in, and a Styrofoam disc to keep the powder in, and we have rounds to shoot!

Guy got to have a shot too! Thanks for a great time Guy and Bob!!!


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