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Just Deserts

Updated: May 29, 2022

My wife was looking for a unique way to self serve deserts at her nephew's wedding next week. She saw some things on Amazon, ordered a few things, and nothing was as expected. So, I went about creating "Serving you your Just Deserts"!

She picked out some 12" square marble floor tiles from Home Depot.

They were trimmed down with a diamond wheel wet saw.

The one piece saved from Amazon, the lazy susan bearing, was epoxied to the underside of the bottom marble tile.

1/2" diameter brass rod was cut to length and "Faced Off" in my lathe to give perfectly flat, square ends.

They were easily taped in the lathe for the connector studs.

My "Round Tuit" easily made a decorative accent for the finial in top.

You can see this accent piece just under the crystal lamp shade holder from Lowes.

A fun project!

As mentioned, Mother Nature provided some excitement when she blew the paper tablecloths into the Sterno cans in the chafing dishes. I did manage to catch a picture before the firefighters jumped into action. I didn't want to get in their way! This was 1 second into the event. By 5 seconds, it had spread to the whole table!

The Bride and Groom at the wedding, with heavy duty backup! Massapequa was not taking any chances. This was too important for any foul ups!!!


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