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I'll do it when I get "A Round Tuit"!

How often have you said this? How do you make a Round Tuit? All you need is a lathe with a radius cutter attachment! I found one on Ebay, but it wouldn't fit my machine. Maybe if I had a lathe I could make an adapter. As luck would have it....

This is what a Round Tuit maker aka Radius Cutting Attachment looks like. It's simply a cutting tool mounted on a round turn table with a handle you turn to swing the radius.

This unit was sold on Ebay designed to fit some European lathe, not my 1942 Atlas. So, this piece was ditched, and I fabricated the round base with the two square headed lock screws shown above. As you can see, it cuts a nice ball end on this piece of stock. It is not something you use often, but when you are making something, it gives a nice "Professional" look to the project!

P.S., When you have a milling machine, a set of collets, and a collet block, you can take plain hex head bolts and make square head lock screws to match the 1942 theme. It fits the 1942 wrench that came with the lathe perfectly!


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