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Everybody's Elmer, Jud, K2CBA

You often ask "How do you know all this stuff?". Well, the answer is easy. Hanging around with Jud and his friends for 40 years. He amassed a group of people that were not just happy reading about it. They had to build it, try it, push it to it's limits. Then improve it. And, that would always lead to another project. An education not available anywhere else in the world!

So, this is a picture of Jud from one of the many trips to the Deerfield Hamfest, among many trips to so many other Hamfests. A half dozen of us would pile into Jud's van and start a 2, 4, even 6 hour journey, one way, to a Hamfest. Which meant 4, 8 or 12 hours of some of the finest technical hands on minds having a brainstorming session, with anything science or technology on the table. A PhD in the van would be scratching his head, not understanding a word being said.

We recently lost Jud. Ham radio will never be the same to a lot of us again. Services were on the 1st of June, with full Military Honors, at the Gerald B Solomon National Cemetery. One of Jud's best and longest friends, John Stevens, WB2BYP, put together a site to honor and remember Jud.

You'll see pictures from the June 1st ceremony, followed by numerous stories and memoirs from friends. One picture shows a tower with the "Dog House" at the base. Actually, it is a 180 foot rotating tower, dwarfing Jud's first farm house in Grafton. Later, you'll see the new 3 story house up on the hill with the rotating tower. Both houses provided countless hours of enjoyment for so many people, building, operating, testing, planning, playing. Advancing the technology as we cemented friendships.

Rest in peace, my friend, rest in peace.


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